Obesity and weight management

Lose the weight and keep it off by changing your approach to eating.  Avoid the pitfalls of fad diets and instead get on a sustainable path of good health and sound nutrition to keep your appetite in check, and the results coming in.
Overcome obesity and poor health with a better diet and a more positive outlook
Nutrition by Bru for a happier, healthier life
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General wellness and health

The food that we put into our bodies can make a huge difference in the way we feel, think, and live day-to-day.  Learn about intuitive eating and enjoy more vitality and live a healthier life.
Eating disorders

People who suffer from eating disorders are often so preoccupied with food and weight that they can often focus on little else.  Nutritional education is an essential step in the successful treatment of any eating disorder.
Gastrointestinal disorders

Disorders such as Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome can have a major impact on a sufferer's quality of life.  Often huge strides can be made by food education and altering the diet.
Kid friendly cooking activities

Turn good health into a family activity by getting your kids to take part in choosing menus and preparing food.  Participation and enjoyment will educate your children and help them to make good nutritional decisions later in life.
Lifestyle modification

Don't just change your diet, change your life!  Take a supermarket tour to discover hidden gems and give your pantry a makeover geared towards better health.  Work with Lindsay to develop recipies that your family will love.
Cholesterol control

Cholesterol is vital for the proper functioning of our bodies, but the standard American diet contains so much of it that it becomes a threat to our health.  Simple dietary changes are usually all that's needed to keep your cholesterol low.
Type I and type II diabetes

Proper nutrition is the first step in the fight against diabetes for over 25 million Americans.  By learning more about the food we eat, and how our body processes it, diabetes can be treated, reversed or prevented.
Prenatal and postnatal nutrition

Give your baby the best possible start by following healthy eating habits during pregnancy based on solid science.  Mistakes made here can cast long shadows and can be avoided using a nutritional plan based on solid science.
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